White Dog Art

noble spirit

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Painted Ponies on August 14, 2013 at 12:26 pm
watercolor aceo c8/2013

watercolor aceo c8/2013

Careful not to break this spirit when asking for service.

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  1. Another magnificent horse! And another pair of deep, deep eyes! I think the front-view is such a difficult aspect, yet you make it look simple. The feathers, paint, and sundisk all suggest that this horse bears a message from the Otherworld. Lovely!

  2. A whole story is in those deep eyes. Beautiful, Gretchen.

  3. Absolutely stunning……

  4. I love how you focused on the beautiful upper part of her lovely face, leaving the muzzle to be incorporated into the mind perception … I saw a whole face at once. You captured the deepness of the equine soul in this magnificent spirit guide. I appreciate your caption, too, how many fail to honour this.

    In my equine photography I focus on the face and eyes of my equine friends, trying to capture that flicker deep inside those knowing eyes. You have mastered it wonderfully, Gretchen.

  5. Reblogged this on For a Better Earth and commented:
    Spirits who pain Spirits make a better Earth …. To the wonderful Gretchen and her soulful art.

  6. Thank God I found some space to leave my humble comment,after so many praiseful comments.I am not a connoisseur to be able to enter into your technique details,but I am charmed by the result and the horse’s eye expression.Dreamily thoughtful eyes with perfect eye contact for the beholder and soft,earthy colours gently broken by the presence of pure white creating a peaceful mood.Powerful and beautiful animals,dear Gretchen,great source of inspiration for the artists.

  7. What a dear he is. 🙂 I feel like he is looking right at me, right into my heart.

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