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lily’s parrot

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Things with Feathers, Wild Things on August 1, 2013 at 9:15 am

LILY'S PARROT 300My granddaughters have been visiting and have been drawing non-stop. I love this parrot that 7 year old Lily created. I am sorry to see them all leave today, but it was a great visit.


  1. Lily’s parrot is wonderful! He looks so puffed-up and jaunty, a happy bird! I like her choice of the pink background and how she portrays him front-view, with beak, feet and tail situated as if viewer and he are facing one another. Excellent! You can’t imagine how I envy children their free expressiveness and aspire to regain that. May she draw forever!

    • I am sure that she will draw forever. It’s in her genes. Thanks for commenting. I’m a bit teary now because I won’t see the girls for a long time. They live back east. Off to take a shower and try to reboot myself.

      • I used to see my grandmothers only once a year, but the times I spent with them and the experiences I had were invaluable, and even now I remember them almost like they happened yesterday. (If that’s any consolation….they’ll be old enough to follow your blog before you know it! :-))

      • I had the same experience with my grandmother. I was very close to her even though we saw each other once a year. She was very special. My first teacher.

  2. What a happy and colourful drawing, a gem. Hope you can speak to your granddaughters soon.

  3. A treasure by any measure. So pleased you had company and a good time. I hope you got lots of hugs.

    Lily has captured an awful lot of detail in her drawing, hasn’t she?

  4. This Grandma is clapping! Can you hear me? Lily’s parrot is perfect! Go Lily!

  5. Thanks for your comment, Leslie. Coming from a wonderful artist and a teacher Lily has high praise.

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