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sister rabbit

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on July 24, 2013 at 8:25 pm
watercolor aceo c7/2013

watercolor aceo c7/2013

A symbol of fertility the elder female rabbit guards the goddess. She represents the symbol of the cycle of life.

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  1. Not always, but only very occasionally, I will get a “read” on the animal powers that work with an individual. I once worked with a woman who was So Rabbit! In a strange way, knowing this gal gave me a heightened respect for rabbitkind. Most of the rabbits we see here are feral, abandoned “pets,” but to their immense credit, they survive and even flourish (someone has to!). Today’s wildlife sighting, though, was a deer, in a small urban wildland park. I have never seen any evidence of deer in our parks, so she was quite a surprise! I did not know that our parks were large enough to accommodate them, but blackberry season is beginning, and stranger things have happened. 🙂

    Your little Mother is a fitting tribute to Rabbit. Nurturing, but with a mysterious, veiled fierceness. Always, your animals’ eyes are so expressive! May her children and her grandchildren feast on blackberries!

  2. So nice to see deer. they congregate in my yard sometimes. Lovely. Rabbits that I have kept residence with have always had that wild fierce side. A bit dangerous. They were males and they tend to be fiesty I understand. Yes it is blackberry season. Good eatin to the wild ones. I have wild strawberries growing on my land. In the early summer they are so sweet. Not at all like the commercial berries. Of course they are very small.

  3. Lovely, Gretchen. She looks so strong too, to me.

  4. Innocense is a first impression, mostly from her plumpness and posture, but then you look at her eyes and you know her strength. Grandmother rabbit.

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