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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Hawks, Things with Feathers, Wild Things on July 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm
watercolor aceo 7/2013

watercolor aceo 7/2013

The hawk is the messenger of the Great Spirit. Living in the mountains it is possible to become complacent about hawk sightings. Hawks are everywhere. Yesterday at the lake a friend alerted me to a red tail flying overhead. For some reason the experience was filled with wonder for me. Nice. A message?

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  1. Inspired! That luminous eye! Oddly, I see them all the time here, too, even in (over) the city. I think it’s because I’m outdoors all the time, so I just have more opportunity to see them…and I look up. 🙂 (Doesn’t hurt to be neatly sandwiched between two urban wildland parks with a couple of lakes in between.) I see mostly redtails and Cooper’s hawks, but occasionally others that I can’t identify, and now is Osprey time and the barred owls are about in daylight as well. I am always awed and comforted by the sight of these raptors. Yours captures something of the spirit that inspires these feelings. I am duly impressed!

    • Happy that this hawk touched you. I also love the raptors. Our summer resident osprey is now hunting at the lake. I love to watch him dive over and over. Do you have cormorants? I was sitting on the lake bank a few days ago and one of them graced me for a short while with his fluid diving skills. I am also outside much of the time allowing me to see these wonderful creatures.

      • We have cormorants aplenty! They amaze me with their ability to switch from perching in trees to diving like penguins, and I’ve been blessed with two of their perfectly symmetrical, black-shafted tail feathers, which are very unusual (the piliated woodpecker is the only other bird I know of with a symmetrical, black-quilled feather).

  2. Beautiful painting. Thank you for sharing the blessing today. Have really missed the hawk that used to sit outside my window. It died in a storm a few weeks ago. Had a ceremony for it.

  3. Fantastic painting!!! Hawks are such beautiful birds. I just saw a show last week where the mother hawk took down pelicans that were flying too close to her nest. She didn’t seem to hurt them but she made them crash land into the ocean. She was very protective and the other pelicans quickly got the message and flew away. Hawks are truly amazing. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Sophia

    • Oh yes. thank you for your comment. Moral of the story….you don’t want to mess with raptors. My 70 lb dog was attacked by a bald eagle a few weeks ago.Contact was not actually made because the bird veered at the last minute. He was wading in the shallows where the ducks congregate so perhaps he was infringing on eagle’s territory.

  4. A call to wonder in the eye of wisdom.

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