White Dog Art

don mescalito mouse

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on May 24, 2013 at 8:12 pm
watercolor aceo 5/2013

watercolor aceo 5/2013

A mouse of the desert who knows his herbs. A Brujo of great power and tiny body. Teachers come in many forms.

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  1. Teachers do come in many guises and this little shaman looks to be a rather sweet teacher.

  2. Ha! I love the two front teeth!

  3. I met many desert mice on my recent trip, and I think your mouse-shaman is a fitting depiction. They are very intelligent, resourceful and hard-working, not to mention fearless little beings. I watched, in and out of sleep, as one tirelessly denuded the toilet paper roll at the head of my sleeping bag in a single night, hurrying to build a nest before sunrise. (S)he was aware of my wakeful presence, but seemed to know that I’d ceded the TP, and just kept working. 🙂

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