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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on May 11, 2013 at 1:14 pm
watercolor aceo 5/2013

watercolor aceo 5/2013

My dogs and I walked to ‘Coyote Meadow’ this morning. No coyotes in sight. It is warmer now and more people milling about so I won’t see them much until the winter fog rolls in. So Buddha is once again off leash. He is a runner. but he always comes back. He watches me from the corner of his eye to see the moment when I have been distracted and am no longer keeping my eye on him. Then he just sort of blends into the trees. He is a bit wild in this way. I suppose it could be because I have always allowed him space to roam. He’s a good dog. Just untrustworthy. Just need to keep him from penetrating the deep woods and meeting the coyotes.

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  1. He is into a bit of adventure, eh? This is interesting for the serious watchful look that also appears to be a warning message … “Don’t mess with me,” he says.


  2. What a beautiful portrait… Those eyes!

  3. the eyes and that dragonfly beauty! I wondered if she began as a splat you found her in! the fun of the watercolor dance. you make me yearn for my paints! xx

  4. My mind was always on the dragonfly. I think the coyote was a ‘splat.’

  5. Beautiful! He’s right out of a dream I had recently–those intense amber eyes! Love it! I would like to buy this one, Gretchen, but I have to wait until Thursday when I get paid. 🙂 Would it be possible to arrange that?

    • Almost all of the aceo paintings that are posted to my blog are sold in ebay auction with payment through paypal. Since this painting does not yet have a bid attached, I can remove it. I can either post it to an Etsy reserve for you personally where I can take personal credit cards as well as paypal. The price for the aceo if listed in Etsy is $25. No shipping charges. Let me know so that I can remove it from auction. Many Blessings Gretchen

      • Etsy it is! Let me know the URL when it’s posted and I’ll purchase it this Thursday. Every time I look at this one, I feel like it belongs to me. It compels me, like a clue left by the universe deep in some subconscious labyrinth down which I have followed the dream it reminds me of. It speaks. I hear it. That’s what art does, I think, that’s what it’s for.

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