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my bedroom

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Zenkats on March 29, 2013 at 2:33 pm
watercolor acep 3/2013

watercolor acep 3/2013

Emeline relaxes in her bedroom on top of the celdon chintz print bedspread.

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  1. Emeline reminds me of a semi-feral cat my mom once rescued. A fat (eventually), white and caramel shorthaired guy we called Ray, he pretty much had no use for the outdoors beyond sitting on the porch, once he’d discovered the bed, the fireplace, and the food bowl. He wasn’t letting that stuff get too far out of his sight! Your Emeline conveys that same sense of creature comfort and gratitude.

  2. She’s as beautiful as her name.

  3. Emeline is a very pretty cat – and it’s a beautiful painting.

  4. Ah, you have a lovely who looks like one of my felines  — such a sweet artwork for her, too!

  5. I had to click “like” for this one. It pulls at my heartstrings as she looks so much like my “Bobbi”.

  6. Emeline is beautiful, Gretchen. She choose a lovely spot to relax, a cat worthy.

  7. I can feel her purr with contentment.

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