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the scolding

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watercolor aceo 3/2013

That bear has done something wrong. Have you ever been the brunt of a dissatisfied swan? If so, you will know this scene. My dog Buddha is very friendly and runs right up to little dogs. Sometimes the reception he receives is much like this. And the look on his face is just this one.

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  1. The bear looks like he didn’t intend to do anything wrong. He looks friendly. I love the pose of the swan too. Beautiful painting, Gretchen.

  2. Very cute! I have been on the receiving end of a goose’s disgruntlement. If swans are anything like that, I can vouch for the severity! 🙂

  3. swans can be meanies! what a wonderful painting! I need to create an income and am thinking of selling me work. how’s it go for you here, doing it this way? I have never sold my art before online but necessity calls…. if you have some tips, I’d love to hear them. please take care of Buddha! bad swan tho she’s a beauty….. Xo

    • It is very possible to sell art online. That is the only place that I do sell. I sell both my originals and Giclee prints. I sell PODs (prints on demand) from my web site, originals and my own professionally made prints from my Etsy and EBay stores. I have a facebook page but really haven’t put it to full use as yet. You can visit these selling places by linking from my WordPress page. I would be most happy to answer any questions. I think that the artist must post to gradually build up a following. Please use my contact link on my web site and I will send you my email address. I will be happy to answer any questions. Hoping to hear from you.

  4. thanks gretchen, when i get ahead of myself a bit, just started to take dmsa, a chelating agent, i need to make some money. my meds and doc cost me a fortune and really, i don’t want to go get a job that pays nothing. i’d rather paint but would they sell? i would have to get faster, that’s for sure but i think i could do that with a little different attitude than i have now, when everything is mine or friends or family. you know….

    i will link up to your links on your site and see what you have going on. especially ebay. ebay? that surprised me. i have seen artists sites just for selling art but guess you don’t use them and etsy is so crazy huge, how do you ever get any following…? i have been online since 2007 so maybe that would help. not doing much fb but guess i could if i HAVE to. i am not a fan of fb… 🙂 i’ll email you if you have one or just leave comments… thank you so much for your openness. do you have your prints made or do you have one of those expensive printers for making your own?

    ok, off to see your links. xox

    • My art is affordable and I think this is partly responsible for my online success. I do not make ‘tons’ of money even though I sell a lot of my art works. Selling prints of your originals is a good way to make your work available. I have my prints made by a professional. I send him scans and he sends me beautiful giclees for very reasonable fees. I think with ETSY it is good to keep listing new art. I have been selling on EBAY since 2009 and I have a following. Tags are very important so that potential customers find your art. Google my name and you will find a lot. That’s because of tags for the most part. My email and web site address are shown when I make a comment. Here is my email. gretchendelrio@gmail.com

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