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'RA' 1000


‘RA’    watercolor aceo c/12/2013

I recently received a request to show progressive images of a painting in progress. So here it is and if you just scroll down you can see how one of my paintings comes together.

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sketch 300_0001


I sketch my subject with a #5H pencil and use a 3B to darken parts so that I can see the image on my light table. This is a 2.5 x 3.5 size.



Coyote on my light table. I like to be able to adjust proportions if I need with out any erasure. Even light erasure will affect how the paint lays on the paper. I like it nice and clean.

drawing 300


On the light table I place the sketch and the watercolor paper over. I lightly trace the image onto the aceo blank using a 5H pencil. I like to keep the lines as invisible as I can.


1  300


I paint definitive areas very lightly usually with a pastel color so that I can see how the image is developing. I am using a #@, #4, #6 brushes. Sometimes I will use just one hugh brush with a nice point.


2  300,jpg


I just keep adding layers of color. Because I was recording this process I had to let the painting dry each time I scanned. Most often I paint right through without letting anything dry. Of course parts will dry and I come back to them. I’m usually not thinking about this but just doing the art. I don’t stop to answer the phone because it changes the outcome to let it dry.


3  300


Adding more layers of color and details. I am working from light to dark. Darks don’t see the paper until the very end.


'RA' 1000





  1. Hi! I really feel so appreciated by your presentation! At least I know how to do it myself now!
    Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. I love that you did that.
    This little guy has such the air of innocence.

  3. This is wonderful! Thanks for finally sharing

  4. Really fascinating to see your process… and as always, love the beautiful outcome of the ever-wonderful coyote!!

  5. Your art came up randomly on a search. It jumped off the screen with it’s creativity and technique. As a fellow painter, thanks for showing your method to those who delight in your works.

    RAM in the Rockies

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Beautiful painting.

    Thanks for the step-by-step, and the explanations. It really looks quite different from the older one.

  7. Wonderful to see this process and painting, Gretchen. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Thank you for posting your process, Gretchen. I have spoken to my students and showed them how they could transfer drawings, even without the light box. It makes sense that on as small a format as these trading cards, that you make the pencil marks as light as possible. I really like this piece, once again for the expression you captured on the face. Beautiful.

    • Thanks Leslie. I have transferred also by taping the drawing and the painting paper to a window. I have also used a light projector. Sometimes I will scan the sketch to check the proportions. Once I am sure that I have the proportions I am free to paint with no mental noise.

  9. Loved the glimpse into your process! And of course the coyote is beautifully done 🙂

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