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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Zenkats on January 15, 2013 at 2:40 pm
watercolor aceo 1/14/2013

watercolor aceo 1/14/2013

I know that I am dating myself, but do you remember that early sit/com “Bewitched?” I think it was Elizabeth Montgomery who played the lead witch “Sabrina.” I don’t know where my mind pulled that from but that’s how I named Ms. cat. I most often have titles pop into my head during some part of the process of painting.

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  1. she’s lovely 🙂

  2. LOVE “Bewitched”!! E. Montgomery was so very lovely and elegant… You match them well! Wonderful image.

  3. Sabrina is name that fits her well. Your cats have so much personality.

    • My visiting cat is so making himself at home. Maus sleeps with him and keeps her nose just beneath his fluffy fur. She has not revealed just why she does that. The cat doesn’t seem to mind in the least.

  4. You have spent some time observing cats….

    “Bewitched” was a fixture of my childhood television habits. I watched it with a mixture of fascination and distaste: I laughed, but I also had the feeling it was a subtle message to women to set aside personal gifts and nature and conform to social conventions. Children are wise. Unfortunately something happens in the teens and many of us have to become old enough to remember “Bewitched” before we gain back a portion of our wisdom! 🙂

    All your cats convey so well all the things I love about cats and their Catness. She’s beautiful!

    • Women then were not treated or perceived as they are now. I recalled today when someone described me as ‘independent’ that it was a term used when I was young to describe who I was. I rather liked it even though it was not necessarily used favorably. Women have come a long way.

  5. Well, we are “dated” from good times. Elizabeth Montgomery played the good witch, Samantha, and the bad wtich, Sabrina. Sabrina is a beautiful name. Perfect for this kitty. When she gets up, she will surely get into Sabrina type mischief.

    Altogether well done! 🙂

    • Thanks for the clarification, Jamie. Yes…..cats are so inquisitive that they are always somewhat causing trouble. Sabrina was the name that popped up so I guess that was the right name for this cat. Funny how that works.

  6. I remember Bewitched. One of the great sitcoms. This is beautiful and simple. Very elegant. I hope I look as peaceful when I am at rest.

  7. Love Sabrina!!! She’s beautiful!!! I used to love watching Bewitched. Sometimes I wish I had her magic. LOL….. 🙂 ~Sophia

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