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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on December 1, 2012 at 5:12 pm
watercolor aceo 12/2012

watercolor aceo 12/2012

Yesterday I walked at the lake with the dogs. It was rainy and super foggy. Love that weather. Buddha dissapeared as usual and I continued along the trail with Maus. No worries. He always catches up. Suddenly a coyote burst from the underbrush and the fog. Streaking. Beautiful. It seemed like time stood still while I watched the coyote run past me at full speed. The reason for his high speed was that 10 feet behind burst Buddha out of the fog. They ran, crashing, up hill and down dale for a very long time. I lost track of where they went. Then Buddha appeared on the trail out in front of me…walking very slowly with his head down. I’ve seen this look before when he has taken on a formidable enemy and his heart has pumped to the max. A soldier home from battle. The coyote escaped and today Buddha is paying the price for the exercise. He is home ‘in bed’ and on Aleve. What did coyote teach Buddha? Mind your age dog. I bet Buddha didn’t get it. Such heart.

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  1. Beautiful and misty. I hope Buddha will fully recover.

  2. Buddha dog being Buddha dog.

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