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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on October 4, 2012 at 1:31 pm

watercolor aceo 10/2012

I was walking with my dogs this morning in the forest. A coyote appeared out of nowhere and he and my dog Buddha began fighting. This all happened so quickly, but I remember that the coyote appeared injured in some way and I kept calling my dog off. The coyote dropped to the ground and made his way into some dried grass. He just lay there breathing hard and showing his teeth. I couldn’t see any signs of blood, foaming at the mouth or broken limbs and he was a healthy young male with a beautiful coat and perfect teeth. There was no signs of a pack or a larger predator. I just don’t think that my dog who probably had 10 pounds at most on the yote could have dispatched him so quickly. I will probably never know. After asking for his recovery I continued on my walk. I stopped back by about 30 minutes later and he had moved a bit, but didn’t look any better. He was clearly frightened and unwell with wide glazed eyes. I wished him safe journey leaving his recovery to nature. It has haunted me all morning. Such a beautiful animal and I think it was his time.


  1. Yes, haunting. you are wise to leave his recovery to nature. i wish him a safe journey too.

    • I returned to my yote today. Lifeless now. Still so beautiful in death. I don’t know why his leaving has been such a thing of grief for me. When he looked at me the last time I felt that I knew his suffering. It was more than my personal projection or sympathy. May we all have peace along the way.

  2. Such a sad, sweet tale… But may we all – humans and animals alike – have such love in our final moments. You offered this beautiful animal some genuine respect and honor in his (her?) last time in this realm, even if it was fleeting.

  3. Such a sad encounter.
    Your painting is very special.

    • Thanks, Han. Actually the encounter became quite profound for me when the coyote looked into my eyes and held my gaze. If the painting is special I think that it is because that energy of our meeting lingers in the image.

  4. This is special painting and post. In the painting I see his spirit – healthy, strong and proud. I honor all natural things and often think we are kinder to animals than to each other. Perhaps we connect to animals because they so rarely mean us harm. Lovely!

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