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the barrister

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Ravens and Crows, Things with Feathers, Wild Things on October 1, 2012 at 2:28 pm

watrcolor aceo 10/2012

Heading for the tribal council wearing his sacred robe.

I painted this raven on some paper that has been lying fallow for some years. I don’t know what happens to old watercolor paper or, rather, why this has happened. But the paper has lost its surface. It is like painting on a combo paper..half blotting paper and half hot press. If anyone knows what is going on with my paper, please let me know.

I rely on the hard cold press surface to enable the blending and running of the color so this paper was like painting with acrylic. I decided to consider it a challenge rather than a mistake and all turned out pretty well. Different. I need to order more paper. Right!


  1. I don’t know about the paper problem unless the paper has become abraded (sp?) dyuring storage and being moved around. I love the way you used color on the underside of his beak. very nice and picks up the colors in the robe.

  2. He’s beautiful.

  3. Thank you. I think he looks a bit hauty like a barrister who knows his stuff. But ravens are hauty…..or at least they seem that way to me. ‘Cheeky’

  4. I am just seeing your ravens now. I love them! This one, to me, has the eye of a wise and gentle old man…a true “elder.”

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