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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on September 10, 2012 at 12:46 pm

watercolor aceo 2012

A jackalope is a North American mythical rabbit with antlers. I was inspired to paint this because of my latest critter adventure on Sunday morning.


I was walking with my dogs early in the morning when I heard crashing in the bushes. During the next 3 seconds I could only consider that there was a bear approaching…very fast. The thoughts of the bear were undoubtedly due to my previous recent encounters with Donald’s bear. Out of the woods right in back of me burst a hugh buck. He was flying like Santa’s reindeer. Great bounds high into the air. He hardly seemed to touch ground. My dogs took off into the woods in hot pursuit. Of course they couldn’t have even caught up with him. He was in his prime and going at top speed. The dogs will always try. Quite a sight and I was ever so glad that it was not the bear.



  1. A “new” magical creature to me. Beautiful painting.
    Is the bear still living in your area?

    • Oh yes…the bear is still here. I haven’t seen him, but the dogs carry on. They have very fierce ‘bear barks’ when bears walk through the property. There is no lighting, so I rely on the dogs to let me know that animals are present.

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