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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wolves on January 17, 2012 at 9:05 pm

original watercolor 8 x 10 c1/2012

A spirit wolf.

Upon a client’s request I painted this wolf from one of my earlier miniatures. I would prefer to create an entirely new painting because I have more fun doing a new one……but. This painting was in the spirit of a commission for someone who really wanted this wolf to serve as her guardian and she wanted a larger version. The results are just fine and I think he will do the job for her. I think that the eyes of this wolf are more intense than in the miniature wolf.

This is the aceo miniature.

  1. Fascinating to compare the two!
    In some way that I can’t explain, the instant I saw the new image (and before reading your text), I thought, this wolf has Gretchen’s spirit looking out through his eyes. They are your eyes. Not sure if you intended that….

    • Very trippy, Jude. It was not intentional and I did not see that. I am too close to the painting and, besides, you have spent more time looking at my eyes than I. Your comment gives pause for thought. I do understand what you are saying and my spirit does occupy my paintings as does yours in you etheric work which I love so much.


    • Very trippy, Jude. It was not intentional and I am too close to see. Besides, you have spent more time looking at my eyes than have I. But I know what you mean. My spirit is in every painting I create as is yours in your incredibly ethereal and beautiful work which I love. Your comment inspires contemplation.

  2. Both compelling and enchanting !
    As for the spirit -ook of the first,rather ostentatious or undercover for a guardian …
    Of the second, contemplative and profound…
    With the eyes of a layperson

  3. They look like they would both protect different people, but they would do it well. They’re both beautiful.

  4. It seems to me that they each have different missions?

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