White Dog Art


In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wolves on September 26, 2011 at 2:31 pm

original watercolor aceo 2.5 x 3.5 c9/2011

This is a Cheyenne name for a woman and it means ‘stays at home.’ When I chose this name for the wolf in my painting I was thinking of my male cattle dog, ‘Buddha.’ I wistfully thought….if only he would stay at home. Perhaps if I had named him ‘Abeque’ he would have stayed at home? Also the look of the eyes. ‘Buddha’ lies like this a lot and he has a shifty look in his eyes when he is calculating how he could leave home without me catching him. Actually the look in the wolf eyes is quite fierce. Buddha’s are never fierce. He is very gentle. The last time he left I found him at the liquor store in town. Someone always finds him. I think that he shape shifts. How else can he be here one moment and then the next gone.

  1. You come up with the coolest names for your animals/paintings! When I read the name (in the wordpress email), I can’t wait to see the picture that accompanies it. This was no exception. How do you even know the word for “stays at home” in the Cheyenne language?

  2. The eyes are so expressive. Very, very nice. With my three dogs I see that position often. I have one that also disappears. Three weeks ago I found her in the deep end of the pool and he had to spend time in the doggie hospital to get the fluid out of her lungs. Their a trip!

  3. I love Abeque. Her eyes, her nose, she is so real.
    I wonder if a name would have helped. That would be great. My son has called one of his rats Merlin (cheesemagic 😉 ).

    • I once found an abandoned kitten, took her home and named her ‘SHAKTI.’ This is the name for primordial cosmic energy. She was a terror. She would come out of nowhere and literally run up my body from the floor. I vowed never to name an animal after something I might not enjoy……a derivative of the meaning anyway. So…I don’t know about names.

  4. Beautiful wolf, Gretchen. I don’t think naming your dog Abeque would have worked. My daughter has a second name, Ama (Cherokee), which means water. I had her named in hopes it would balance out her middle name, Kenna (Gaelic), which means fire. But she’s still quite a firecracker! LOL

    • You are probably right, but it can’t hurt to give a name, as you did, so as to have a balance. I had a friend who named his puppy ‘Digger.’ it turns out that he dug everything up and tunneled out.

  5. I,simply, loved the wolf in your enchanting painting for her ‘disarming’ look.
    Thanks Gretchen for sharing abeque’s engaging beauty.

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