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bear prayer

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Ice Bears on July 12, 2011 at 10:28 am

original watercolor aceo 3.5 x 2.5

Within the Inuit Indian tribes the Great Spirit controlled the caribou and took the form of a huge, white bear. It was the Inuit  conjurer who had the power to influence that spirit to send deer to the Inuit when they were starving.

This is my first painting since moving. It was a difficult move and I still don’t have my studio organized much less….my life. But all is well and little by little things get organized. Love my studio.  I have ‘packed’ a big house into a very small space. The dogs and I are having personal space issues. Buddha especially seems to lie in the middle of all the narrow walk ways. He has a deck in the trees, but he is still confused by the transition. Maus has taken refuge on my bed. Oh well. More to come with photos. Just found my camera.

Three of the studio walls are windows and surrounded by giant cedars. When it snows this winter I will be seeing only snow on the cedars out my windows. I’m looking forward to being settled and painting more.

  1. […] Nanook – Gretchen Del Rio’s new painting is just what we need hear in the south, to beat back […]

  2. Moving is always difficult. I hope you are able to settle in quickly. I’ve added Nanook to the Friday Five for those of us down south suffering from the record high temps. 😉

  3. Ahhh…refreshing for this time of the year and nice art too…(-:

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