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sachi my boxer

In Critters on May 16, 2011 at 11:14 am

sachi - boxer - photograph

Sachi is a very special boxer. Very beautiful with reeeally long legs. She actually belongs to my son and his family, but I helped to raise her for her first three years. Grama/nanny. She and I spent many days relaxing and walking on ‘Dog Beach’ in Huntington Beach, California. Wonderful dog. This photo was taken when she was a youth. Now she has become the Grande Old Dame. Very sweet. She was also named for Indra’s wife.

  1. Ooh !!! What an adorable lady !
    A real princess,brought up by a gentlewoman with affection and thoughtful concern.They entrusted her to your care and I am certain sure that you gave her all the good and delicate qualities of your nature…
    I can imagine your relaxing walks on the golden sand of the “Dog Beach” while hearing the Pasific voices..
    The colour of her fur is of rare beauty.I would say it’s something between fulvous and tawny or burnt umber? As if a painter has mingled different colours to create this fantastic,tan hue.Also,the golden-like,yellow background tones her beutiful fur so pleasantly!.It is such a professional image.
    It must have been very hard when you parted from each other after the three years you had spent together.
    Thanks Gretchen for posting Sachi.If you knew how much pleasure I received through this photo and the story of Sachi’s life..
    Have a nice day

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