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polar wolf

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wolves on May 16, 2011 at 2:31 pm

original watercolor aceo 3.5 x 2.5 c5/2011

The arctic wolf is one of the few species able to survive the very severe arctic cold. I have the pleasure of knowing an arctic wolf by the name of ‘Bear.’ His fur is so very thick. I don’t think you could reach the skin. After he swims in the lake he looks a bit thinner, but his fur layer is still massive. Very sweet boy.

  1. Only Gretchen’s skillful hands and her creative imagination could bring into being this ecstatic “polar wolf” with the seductive eyes and the imposing “bearing”.
    An attractive Arctic wolf who was lucky enough to view the magic of the Midnight Sun in Thule,beyond the borders of the known world…
    An Inuit,white wolf living in the remote kingdoms of the Arctic circle,where there is no proper land nor sea nor air…
    The excited beholder follows the track of Pytheas,Polybius and the philosophical contemplation of Stravo…

    • Ahhhh….Thule…magical, mystical….beyond. I like that. Anything is possible there. Midnight sun….I like that. You and I co-exist in the same story book?


      • Well,it seems we co-exist in the same History and story book…
        Thule,which is of Greek origin,is: Θουλη and it almost means Dome…find the connections or let your wild imagination to do it..
        The enigmatic “polar” wolves love to live in these “out of this world” areas…the ends of the “round” dome-like …
        Pytheas,the Greek explorer,went up there in 330 B.C. The Greek name of Thule is not contingent…and I am sure he met those holy animals…

      • I love the mystery.


  2. Those eyes – full of questioning and sweetness.

  3. Mystery and History ?
    Engaging ! I will give it a second thought…
    Besides,Mythology is handed down to History when enough cogent evidence..comes into light and mystery is what is beyond our “kem” and our perception.
    And,Art is defined by the beholder…
    As I told you before,just keep creating your works of Art and let us wander on meandering paths….

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