White Dog Art

raven king

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on May 12, 2011 at 3:03 pm

original watercolor aceo 3.5 x 2.5 c5/2011

Who is the Raven King?

“Their bellies taut with hunger,
The ravens called upon their King.

A King must do what he must do
To keep his people fed.

And so, he took the form of man……..All dressed in black, his nose a noble beak”.

And he saved his people through his cunning ways.

  1. Legends,Art and Ravens,ravens that have inspired artists,from time immemorial,arousing divine influence and effective power. Gretchen’s inspitation and creative talent gave rise to “Raven King”,a mythical king with a golden crown to match with the beauty of the powerful,golden sun.His rich black-grayish plumege totally tones the nature of the “Myth”…..I can almost hear his croaking calls and promises to his people..
    Hope,he never loses his crown and power and your legendary skills make him immortal..

    • I am fascinated by ravens. We have so many on this mountain. They are like sparrows in that they are everywhere. Very few sparrows. Probably the ravens ate them. Nature’s circle of life goes on always. ♥ gretchen

      white dog art gretchendelrio.wordpress.com gretchendelrio.com

  2. Remarable texture and detail. Did you use gold leave? I love the ACEA and the poem enhances the experience even more. Do you ever print a piece of a poem on the back of an ACEO?

    • The gold is “Daniel Smith Metallic Watercolor Egyptian Gold” and highlights with a “Pentel Metallic gold brush”. Both of these products come in a great number of colors. Fun.

      I will send a handwritten description along with the original if asked. I do always write the title, sign and date on the back. I use an 005 pen to write on the aceo cards and it makes for slow going. I like to keep the script delicate because the painting is so.

      Thanks for asking.


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