White Dog Art


In Art Watercolor Gallery, Ice Bears on May 6, 2011 at 3:06 pm

original watercolor aceo 2.5 x 3.5 c5/2011

‘Cikug’ is the Inuit name meaning ice. An appropriate name for our hero….a highly decorated soldier in the polar army.

  1. Gretchen’s spirit and soul successfully pair with the soldier’s bravery and sense of justice in the polar army against the relentless hunters…
    The element of the rather “distinctive” decoration,softly intensifies the hero’s possible hierarchy….
    Besides,the magic presence of the celestial body,it skillfully diverts the course of the Art viewers…

  2. Dear Gretchen,I feel the need to write one more comment on the imposing physiognomy of nanook and the names “framing” him…
    The “apposite” name you have given to him or an appropriate name as you say,have triggered my wild imagination again and I have followed paths that one couldn’t even imagine,I suppose…
    I have totally enjoyed my Arctic journeys to … Alaska,Labrador,Greenland…Bering Strait and to “Diomede Islands” and then to the Black Sea and even I dared connections with the “Diomede’s Mares’which could have been even employed in the polar army and,and,to Alexander the Great’s Bucephalus….
    Please,don’t ask me why.Keep producing your fascinating paintings,your works of Art and leave us the viewers to wander out and about and follow the paths of our imagination… Moreover,that’s the point of viewing and admiring paintings….

    • Dear Doda. I love your rich comments. They once again have given me new search possibilities. No one does this like you. What rich stories you write. I will have to investigate “Diomede’s Mares.” When I return. I’m off this morning for an eye exam at the beach and an overnight at a friend’s home in Dana Point. I love being near the sea. The mountain is fogged in….like thick soup. It will be a feat driving down the mountain. Still really cold here. The lake looked like the ocean yesterday due to the winds. Those who do not live here, but, rather in at low elevation, think it is crazy to put up with such weather. It, however, would be impossible to explain. It’s like a calling. I have some paintings started….one a mare…..and maybe she will be further inspired by “Diomede’s Mares.” When I return.

  3. What beautiful eyes he has…You are so knowledgable about things that I know nothing about. I admire your work and learn from each of your posts. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Linda, for your comment. I must tell you that I am not that knowledgeable. But that I research my subjects because of my imagination. Then I write. I love to create words as well as paintings. My paintings take me on amazing journeys. Gretchen

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