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dhryen – a wolf hybrid

In Critters on May 1, 2011 at 11:28 am

This is my friend Carolyn’s wolf-dog Dhyren. This first photo was taken when he was a baby. He had just gotten wet in the lake. So sweet natured and soft fur. So cute it made you want to bite him.

This is Dhyren as a maturing wolf-dog. All legs, smart, very wolfy, very comfortable with people and other animals. His mom is a great owner. These creatures should not be kept by anyone who is not committed to raising them to fit into our domestic world. Even with a bit of dog bred in, they have very strong wolf tendencies. Carolyn takes care to understand his behavior and train him accordingly. It’s her passion.

DHYREN - photo by Carolyn - young male adult wolf/dog hybrid

This is Dhyren as a young adult this winter. As you can see, his markings have changed. He is now bigger than Carolyn’s 150lb rottweiller, Hiro…..at least in height. Now that’s BIG!  Dhyren is a timber wolf and has a couple percentage points of dog in him. Carolyn never ceases to be amazed by him.

  1. Who told you my dear that I wouldn’t be touched by Dhryen’s introduction?
    He is of rare beauty and calm nature,as his name implies.He totally deserved being published among your Art Works.He is a masterpiece of art work…
    Thanks for sharing Gretchen and many thanks to his mum,Mrs Carolyn,who let you do so…

    • I will eventually post his sister’s photos. Equally as beautiful in a different way. Glad you liked Dhyren. ♥ gretchen

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