White Dog Art

hari giri

In Critters on April 28, 2011 at 11:18 am

hari giri cat - age 10?

This is my cat, Hari Giri. He was named after an Indian Saint. He has since been given an alias ….Ted Bundy. Ted B. was the infamous serial killer. My Ted is an awesome killer of small mountain wildlife. He is a great cat. Very dog like. He managed all these years to evade the coyotes, so maybe he is immortal. The color black helps. I, however, prefer to paint white cats. Not only do I love white, but it makes it easier to paint a cat in watercolor. When my cats are white it leaves room for all sorts of background decorations.

  1. Oh dear,I have already met him and I told him… that if he was in England he would be dubbed “Jack the Ripper”,you remember?

    Anyway,he is a real immortal Zeus,ready to drop his thunderbolts from Mt.Olympus or San Bernardinos mountains…
    Truly,a very,very imposing cat with an interesting profile.
    By the way,I had commented on your remarkable Art Works :
    Lihua,White Buffalo,Helios,Jasmine and the Star gazer but I just loved Helios..

    • Oh yes….slipped my mind. As I said, things have gotten a bit’backed up’ and I guess my mind is running around wildly. Well a new pic of the CAT. And a bit more information. The photo is as awesome as Bundy. It was taken by my excellent photographer friend Tom. Just captured the raw cat essence of Bundy. Everyone loves this kitty. He is so friendly and not ever disturbed by goings on. Not a nervous bone in his body. Makes me wonder just how he eludes the yotes. Thanks for your comments. Lots…..

  2. Gretchen, this is vibrant and incredibly beautiful. Your blacks are so deep and full of life. Very impressive!

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