White Dog Art

sea bear

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Ice Bears on March 9, 2011 at 3:21 pm

original watercolor oswoa 4 x 6 c3/9/2011

These majestic big bears of the arctic are endangered because global warming is threatening their hunting territory. They are starving to death.  ‘Atkonartok’…guardian spirit…. is napping on an ice flow.

  1. The majestic Maritime bear in the painter’s gifted hands,raising feelings of compassion.The typical power of the Artist to protest against the wrongdoings.
    Lying down at rest,on crystalized ice,lullabied by the Atkonartok moons..If only “Might could be right” and show concern.
    May you live content in the Arctic Ring of Life…

    • How beautiful…your words….not only gifted but also profoundly belonging to the heart. I’ve just experienced a rush in my own heart for humanity and other species as I read your comment and started to reply. I find it impossible to empathize with a human who does not value the animals. I just can’t relate. But, see….you find these things in my painting. Thank you for being you.

  2. Your Works of Art testify to your emotional background which is the motive power of your gifted hands.
    Yes,I discern these characteristics in your paintings and I experience joy and pleasure.How could we be apathetic before those creatures,denying life itself?
    Thank you for reaching out to our souls….

  3. Beautifully painted with feeling. Powerful words to contemplate.
    love your work!

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