White Dog Art

a rose

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Zenkats on March 7, 2011 at 6:17 pm

original watercolor aceo 3.5 x 2.5 c/6/2011

Horace is smugly smelling a rose to conceal his furtive drooling looks at a robin in the birdbath. One of my cats fell off a fence upon which he was walking. He never batted an eye lash. He just collected himself and continued walking on the ground as though nothing had happened. Personally, I think that his mind was elsewhere….really focusing on prey like Horace instead of his footsteps.

  1. I intensely keep my eyes fixed on your painting which is characterized by conflicting elements…. and I have a feeling that we have a rather transferal artistic approach.A Horace-like lyric poem into painting,in such an odic style.
    The strophe,antistrophe and the epode are obvious to me….
    The obvious preoccupied look of the cat,your commentary note and the red rose have touched off my feelings and my meandering imagination…..

    • I never know what the finished painting will be when I start. I do not labor over planning. Sometimes I don’t like what is happening and I add something which changes the entire mood of the painting. Just the other day Tony, my printer, commented on a rose that I had painting above a coyote and was wondering why. I told him that it was to cover up some paint splatters. The rose really changed the mood of the painting. It didn’t go with the image at all. I like it this way, but I never would have planned for that rose. I feel that it made the painting. I will post it when I get it back from my printer. I like adding my comments to my paintings because it creates a little make believe world. Or an informational comment will provoke the viewer’s thoughts about our environment and our animals… both of which need to be honored. So the bottom line here is that everything is in the eye of the beholder. You, Doda, are blessed with a great imagination and great sight and a passion for beauty. I so appreciate your comments.

  2. Real,natural beauty.Labouring over planning would spoil impulsiveness.Concerning your printer’s “WHY”,I value that this is the magic word for the Works of Art.The real starting-point for creative thinking ,the very moment when you get on the vehicle of imagination and the long journey for the unknown starts…

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