White Dog Art

hari giri

In Critters on February 16, 2011 at 12:24 pm

His alias is Ted Bundy. Named so because he is a great hunter depositing his kill anywhere where it can be found by his humans. Sometimes partially eaten. Well, he tests the food he brings in….a great service. The issue that I have with Ted is his fur. Everything else I can deal with because Ted is a stellar feline. He is part Persian and the fur is like gossamer. It clings and floats everywhere. I usually can’t see it until I drag some wet paint through a strand of fur. This is not a big thick dog hair. Those are easy to deal with and besides they don’t float. They stay on the carpet.  If I try to remove Ted’s fur, the paint dries too much. I have learned to just keep painting and live with the results. I must say, though, that the person who produces my prints on demand is totally not OK with the cat hairs on the image. I have to edit out the cat fur to make her happy.  His fur clings to everything. Must have stickers on the shaft. I have tried everything to combat the stray fur problem. Nothing really works. It floats in the air….. drops off my clothes. Ted also likes to drink from my painting water dish when I am not in the room…dropping more fur in the process. I am now armed with a can of  compressed air. It helps but I need a ‘clean room.’ You know like a bio-hazard room. I think I will now offer free cat fur with every painting. Perhaps an incentive for potential buyers?

  1. Oh,Ted,you are such a sweet nuisance for your mum,with your floating hairs everywhere around,but,your beauty makes her forget all about it,even her affected paintings.If you were in England Ted,your pseudonym would be Jack (the ripper).

    I know my dear,it must be very tiring and time-consuming for you to clean those hairs all around.However,you should tell the person who produces your prints that she is really fortunate to get those original haired prints,a good incentive for buyers as you said.Honestly,if people knew all about it with the hairs and the water he drinks from your painting water dish,it would fascinate them.
    I liked so much your animal posts with your adorable animals.Their lovely furs are so much helped with the olive oil you use in their food.
    Thank you

  2. Please do,it sounds interesting.
    I can’t imagine our life without our furry-friend,our best companions ever.They always appreciate our love and care for them. Do you remember any being ungrateful? Personally I don’t..

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