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buddha the dog

In Critters on February 16, 2011 at 11:33 am

My cattle dog Buddha...just come in from the snow.

  1. Thank you so much for posting Buddah’s photo.He is so beutiful!His look reveals his Buddah nature and his fur is fantastic with those shading-off tints of grey and white .

    • He is half Queensland Heeler and half Australian shepherd. The mottling comes from his Queensland mother and is called ‘merle.’ He has both blue and red merle coloring. The blue merle actually has a blue tint to it. Handsome boy. Maus is pure Queensland blue merle with a double mask. I rescued her at 11 months. She had been mistreated and still will not let anyone touch her except the family and ocassionally children. Yes….I love my animals.

  2. Thanks for giving all these interesting details.Buddah’s and Maus’blue tint is amazing.They are good companions and their presence at home means a lot to us.They,rightly,deserve our love and care.
    Does Buddah ever exersise the nip-at-heel characteristic of his breed?I wonder.

    • Not really. Maus, however is the intense one. She doesn’t nip, but she gently butts the backs of my calves or ankles. I insist that she descends the stairs in front of me because her nudging might cause me fall. It’s no wonder they can herd hugh animals. It’s like having a big mosquito after you.


  3. I know,my dearest Gretchen,they are so powerful.Our Lab,Eddie,short for Edward,is so strong.Eddie(our furry-child)and I, send you and Buddah,Maus and Hari giri our true love.
    Have a nice day

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