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hunting eagle

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on April 22, 2010 at 1:22 pm

original aceo watercolor c4/2010

In central Asia golden eagles called ‘berkut’ are used by nomadic ‘Kazakhs’ for the purpose of hunting wolves. Gray wolves are a threat to the herding animals, so  professional Kazakh hunters are hired to remove preying wolves. The eagles can actually kill a wolf. When the birds are not hunting they wear a ‘hood’ or ‘mask’ so that they will not be disturbed by what they may see.

  1. The red-hooded,working eagle,a very representative piece of your fastidious work.
    Thank you,Gretchen.You have managed again to travel my imagination…

    • I love putting clothes on my animals. Or ‘tattoos….symbols. In this case I built a ‘hat.’ I love the term you used ‘working eagle.’ I had two working dogs in my life. That is….I trained them to follow commands very well and protect. Dogs love to have a job, but I don’t know about eagles. I don’t think it comes naturally. They do come back though. Perhaps I will research the subject.

  2. It was just “a figure of speech” or an excess of enthusiasm I used,motivated by the fact that they are used by the Kazakhs for the purpose of hunting wolves,as you mentioned.
    In a fashion,you are absolutely right that it does not come naturally.
    Besides,Fine Arts and Literature always arouse doubt and that’s their beauty.
    Love ,as always, my dearest Gretchen

    PS: “Sonia’s bath” and the “wolf song” stole my heart…

  3. I feel like I have an intimate relationship with all the animals that I paint. They own my heart….and you too my friend.

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